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Game of Thrones House Posters - House Martell & House Stark.

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Ned Stark uses Punnett Squares to determine Joffrey’s birth.

Because I taught a lesson on Punnett Squares the other day, and then watched Game of Thrones that evening, and it amused me that Ned was also learning genetics.

“Black of hair… Black of hair…. Black of Hair…”

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‘i would ask thee to deny thy father and denounce his name, but it would appear this has already been done for thee’

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arya sketch 

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House Webber, Houses Bracken/Ryswell, House Baratheon, House Beesbury, House Lyberr, Houses Lynderly/Paege, the Wild Hares, Houses Blackwood/Corbray/Morrigen, House Bulwer, House Swann, House Florent, and House Mertyns

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She stood beside the open window, looking over the curtain walls and out to sea. The bay wind swirled around her, flattening her gown against her body in a way that quickened Jaime’s pulse. It was white, that gown, like the hangings on the wall and the draperies on his bed. Swirls of tiny emeralds brightened the ends of her wide sleeves and spiraled down her bodice. Larger emeralds were set in the golden spiderweb that bound her golden hair. The gown was cut low, to bare her shoulders and the tops of her breasts. She is so beautiful. He wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms.
- Jaime Lannister, A Storm of Swords (via l-garritys)
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i wanted to do something inspired by riverran’s beautiful tag “bury my heart on the banks of the trident” but i could never get it right

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GOT Meme: Four Deaths ➝ Oberyn Martell [1/4]

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ASOIAF 30 Day Challenge: Day 2, Character you feel the need to defend

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